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AgentX - The Story

AgentX  -  An Alien Story of Change

10 billion light years from earth in the lost universe of Sofarus is the planet Terra.  Kromulka, who created Terra and it’s life forms (terrazogs), oversees the planet and controls all major forces.  In the beginning, since Kromulka had little time to oversee each of the terrazogs individually, they were empowered with reasoning powers and certain natural survival  instincts so they could evolve through the ages and be self sufficient.  Unfortunately these natural instincts were perverted by the supernatural evil ruler Camarro.  Camarro-like thinking was rewarded with immediate feedback as terrazogs hoarded possessions, hated, stole and killed one another.

Terrazogs survive by using their tube-like mouths to suck nectar from a flower grown in gardens of cultivated vines.  When  not sucking nectar these tubes are used for communication by blowing through them to produce various tones sounding much like a flute or saxophone. Since terrazogs have no spoken language, musical tones are used for expressing thoughts and moods.  Terrazogs are also equipped with string-like bands connecting their arms and body.  By moving their arms, the bands are stretched to cause various frequencies when stroked, where the thinner ones sound almost like a guitar when plucked, or a violin when stroked, and the thicker ones like a slap bass when hit.

Terrazogs are governed by terramasters, a few privileged terrazogs who profess knowledge and fear of the great Kromulka but who are ironically empowered by Camarro.  Terramasters teach the terrazogs to fear Kromulka and create rigid laws honoring Kromulka, which are impossible to obey.  They  use this resulting guilt to make the terrazogs feel inferior to the terramasters, and therfore easier to control.

In the past spirit-slaves were sent down to relate Kromulka’s messages, but they were no match for the evil Camarro.  Kromulka is disappointed that the inhabitants of Terra worship Camarro and contemplates the destruction of Terra.  However, ........  if a secret agent could be sent to Terra in the form of a terrazog, and if the agent (AgentX) found something worth saving, maybe this decision could be altered.

AgentX is sent to Terra with a mission to make the terrazogs love Kromulka.

CAST     AgentX - Flute,  Saxophone,Trumpet
            Camarro- Deep Metallic Bass, multi sonic fuzz
            Spiritslaves    - Choir of Voices
            Kromulka      -   Synthesizer
            Terrazogs     -   Slap Bass, Guitar, Flute, harp

AgentX  -  The Prose

A galaxy Sopharus light years in space
   Creator Kromulka use this as base.
Spiritslaves serve Krom in name to fight sin.
   A war by themselves they can never win.
Terrazogs too inhabit the lands
   of planet called Terr from Kromulka’s strong hands.
Zogs have no language but instead use notes 
   played with their arm bands and long trunked yotes.
Pharazogs teach them their inflexible laws
   to tame them and breach them from Camarrow’s strong    jaws.
Camarrow is evil, the spirit they fear
   who rules over zogs their minds he does steer.
Corruption depravity and hate is the scope
   on planet called Terr of forgotten hope.



Another land in the evening fog,
   a pagan dance in time gone by.
An arm band slap of a terrazog
   can still be heard Kromulka’s sigh.
Recurring boom how seemingly benign
   Camarrow’s doom “They all are mine”.




Intro: Space music
Reggae: Terrazogs perform a repetitious dance honoring the evil Camarro. Various terrazogs slap their thicker arm strings as they take turns professing the many gifts from Camarro. During the dance Camarro’s deep metallic bass voice can be heard saying “They’re mine”
Interlude space music: Kromulka contemplates sending a secret agent spy to Terra to infiltrate them, and teach them to turn their love from Camarro to Kromulka.
Reggae: Dance of the terrazogs continues.
AGENTX  listen
Contemplate at first at least a spy
   embodied zog one apart still I.
We hear now Camarrow screaming below.
   So there’s the task let the rhythm flow.





Intro: Space music Kromulka creates AgentX in the embodiment of a terrazog.
Kromulka explains to AgentX the serious nature of the problem and the purpose of the mission emphasizing its importance.
Camarro is shown to AgentX on a large war screen and can be heard screaming in the distance.
AgentX is implanted with knowledge of Terra, the terrazogs and the terramasters.
Beamed down to planet of faraway Terr
   An Agent for change on zogs to occur. 
Rotunda round a tentative sound
   Pharazog’s ears cannot be found.


Intro: Space music. AgentX is beamed down to planet Terra. AgentX (flute) takes the podium in the great Rotundo where all the terramasters are meeting. He explains the message from Kromulka. The terramasters reject AgentX and his message.
Where is Krom my faithful friend
   I walk paths of wilderness to find.
My search continues the trails bend
   temptations three leave Camarrow behind.
At last at last I hear you now
   Repeat repeat your will I vow.



Intro: Space music. AgentX is disappointed and confused by the terramasters rejection and wanders into the cold barren desert to look for an answer from Kromulka.
The first temptation
The second temptation. 
The third temptation.
(fugue) AgentX repeats after Camarro the words for the gifts of power that are offered, but does not accept them or renounce Kromulka.
A milling crowd round the one to be
   a brand new message love Krom through me.
Down from the hill clap hands they will.
   Ears strain to hear they should not fear,
He will remove Camarro’s hex.
   A promise from the AgentX.



Intro: Sax solo. AgentX (saxophone) stands on a hill and explains to the surrounding terrazog masses the first transformation.
The second transformation.
The third transformation.
The fourth transformation.
The fifth transformation.
The sixth transformation.
The seventh transformation.
A simple thought with feelings warm
   Apostle strums and sings his song,
About a love this early morn
   For AgentX who does no wrong.


An inspired follower and helper of AgentX (guitar and flute) accepts the message and passionately sounds his love for AgentX. He plucks his arm bands to make accompanying guitar-like sounds repeating the underlying theme - “Love (Kromulka) through AgentX”. 
HEALED  listen
A gentle hand on a crippled leg
   brings fast relief and quick delight. 
This cured zog shall no more beg
   who springs to dance with all his might.



Intro: (Piano and bass). AgentX heals cripple with his hand.
Healed cripple jumps up and dances to the 4-4 driving jazz beat with drummer accompaniment. 
Waltz interlude when cripple rests.
Healed cripple finishes dance.
Above the land but yet so near
   a measured beat of Krom’s heart throb
build tensions three with voice so clear
   it drowns the sound of an anguished sob.
In combination counterbeat
   AgentX will gate the flood
A promise to perform this feat
   communion climax slate in blood.




Intro: Space music. AgentX meets with Kromulka to receive instructions for a self sacrifice.
AgentX trumpets a loud disbelief at such a thing.
Instructions are received from Kromulka to die for good purpose, just as leaven dies for good purpose as the agent of change for making both bread and wine.
AgentX accepts his fate do die for good purpose.
With heartbeats loud and intertwined AgentX receives communion from Kromulka and trumpets his commitment.
The word from Krom to sacrifice and now the time is near
   “Oh be it so my Lord, why is it that I fear”. 
Spiritslaves they intercede, violinish so they sound.
   “Oh be it so my Lord. My soul will be around. 
I repeat and repeat
   Obedience I hear you now
Your Will be done I vow”. 






AgentX (woodflute) is alone in the darkness in the Garden of Vines and struggles for composure as he realizes he is about to be tortured and sacrificed. He cries in mournful tones and pleas to Kromulka for reconsideration.
Spirit-slaves (voices) intercede for AgentX 
A certain spirit-slave intercedes by stroking his arm strings (violin) and pleas again for reconsideration.
Kromulka finally responds by directing AgentX to be obedient and repeat afterwards the instructions. AgentX sets his mind and voices each instruction after Kromulka.
Let the trial begin with Kromulka’s dear.
   A solitary figure not loud not proud.
A thrashing a bashing where deep wounds sear
   A delighted Camarrow who sheds no tear
A desperate discussion from Agent and Krom.
   “Forsake me not I cannot be calm”.
Intercessions of spiritslaves chant Krom save him soon.
   “Obedience is tested there’s no other way”
The Agent is stricken drops into a swoon
   Mortality is ended a fee he must pay.









AgentX is captured and brought before the head terramaster for trial. He is accused of blaspheme and offered freedom for a confession. AgentX remains silent instead of recanting. Kromulka (synthesizer) can be heard in the background giving his support as the music starts.
AgentX is beaten (snare drum) by the terramaster’s soldiers and dragged to a nearby public hill.
(bang) AgentX is punctured by a long stake and body fluids squirt out. This begins a frantic dialog between AgentX (flute) and Kromulka (synthesizer).
AgentX slips into a coma as the pain causes him to lose consciousness.
AgentX revives and sets his mind on Kromulka’s instructions as he tries to ignore the pain.
A second coma encompasses AgentX as he realizes that death is now inevitable.
The expiration of AgentX starts as he is completely unconscious. A heart beat grows faint and fainter until life support mechanisms fail.
What have we done not lifting a hand
   spectators lame we didn’t involve.
Afraid to do nothing we didn’t disband.
   Tears fall like rain in puddles revolve.
Camarrow’s eyes glare just hear him purr.
   Disbelieving we stare but the corpse will not stir.





Terrazogs stand around in stunned disbelief that AgentX is now dead, a motionless, colorless corpse in front of them.
The evil Camarrow emits a contented purr as the buzz in the background.
Purple rain splashes down causing rippling sounds in terra puddles as terrazogs continue to mourn.
Kromulka groans in loud sighs of grief.
The Agent descends to Camarrow’s dark lair.
   Strange faces and flame make him moan in despair.
“We meet again remember my name”?
   He screams in the face of the Agent in pain.





(Intro) AgentX falls end over end into Camarro’s pit of hot lava.
AgentX arrives and is greeted with terrifying faces of evil.
Camarro (metallic bass) with a grotesque smile happily welcomes AgentX to his subterranean dwelling by saying - “Pleased to meet you again. Do you remember my name?”. 
Camarro springs at AgentX, capturing him. While holding AgentX in his grasp, Camarro screams in his face declaring victory.
Atmospheric strong winds swirl down and clasp
   the paralyzed Agent from Camarrow’s grasp.
Spiritslaves rejoice in choirs of praise
   for Agent’s rescue, their beloved one raised.
Bellows Camarrow “Come back can’t you see
   I am your friend not your enemy”.



(Intro) Powerful winds of Kromulka swirl down and gather up the limp, broken AgentX from Camarro’s grasp.
Sprit-slaves sound their joy on the rescue of AgentX.
Camarro screams “Come back”, while spirit-slaves announce to the land of Terra that AgentX has been saved.

Celebration begins when zogs hear the news.
   Their redeemer himself is now home above.
Spirit-slaves told them of Kromulka’s rescue,
   and they celebrate wildly and rejoice in their love.



Terrazogs hear that AgentX has been rescued and clap their hands and dance in joy. 
They network their belief throughout the land of Terra. Some terrazogs accept and appropriate the message, others do not.
Zogs sit in small groups discoursing new light 
   how AgentX has made them all right 
   from the view of Kromulka’s galaxy site.
One zog with a beat starts singing with glee
   about this great feat made right with a fee.


Terrazogs consider and receive the message from AgentX as they live happily in peace.

A warning in the tunnel of time
   AgentX will sure return.
Trumpets sound a march so fine
   Terrazogs plunking arm bands burn.




A single terrazog strokes his armband to honor AgentX great feat in defeating Camarrow.
A group of terrazogs join in to trumpet this great feat.
Terrazogs throughout the land of Terra become fans and of AgentX and worship in mass.
Masses of terrazogs trumpet their belief in AgentX. 
Above is the space from the land of Terr.
   They dance with a pace transcending a blur.
Asteroids collide with force less than great
   than the power of Agent Xs far reaching fate.



In a reverse reggae with jungle drums AgentX, the spirit-slaves and the terrazogs dance and sound their joy in spiritland.
Camarro (deep metallic bass) joins in saying “I Believe”.

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