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The Creation Date Controversy

Creationism vs Science, Evolution, and Reason

The Creation
of Man
A Dialog for Creationists, Skeptics, and
Other Truth Seekers
                                                     JW Farquhar



Creation Mythologyis it the Problem?

The Creationist sees the Genesis I creation story as the physical world creation, and interprets the beginning six day count as only a count for six solar days. This is the Creation Mytha material world and time-only-six-day paradigm that does not connect to the rest of the Bible as its foundation. Because this Creation Myth  does not serve as a reasonable and necessary foundation to the rest of the Bible, it is therefore a useless paradigm, regardless of what Creationists, scientists, evolutionists, or any other Bible skeptics say. 

A closer look at this Creation Myth reveals the following problems;

1.  Genesis I is not about the creation of the material world or mortal life, since mortal life is originated in Genesis II. Instead, Genesis I is a spiritual creation with the spiritual image of man as its main themeThe Creation of Man

2.  The six day count is not a solar day count. It is instead the introductory image of God from whom man's spiritual image and behavioral likeness are created on the sixth day. 

3.  The Creation Myth does not connect to the second creation story in Genesis II and IIIthe Creation of Adam, nor does it connect to the rest of the Bible as its foundation. Therefore the Creation Myth is a useless paradigm.

4.  The Creation Myth does not deliver the window of order and the nature of man's mathematics to the rest of the Bible, that is so necessary for understanding scripture. Therefore it is a useless paradigm.

5. The evolution of man has never been interpreted to be part of Genesis I, because the distinction between multiply, for sexual reproduction, and after their kind, for evolution, has never been understood.  

The Creation of Man addresses the problems above to deliver a long awaited reasonable solution to the Creation Date Controversy (sometimes called the Creation-evolution Controversy) as the only true foundation of the Bible. This is the necessary foundation that delivers underlying Bible mathematics for the nature of man, structures Bible scripture, harmonizes the Creation with science, and bonds the Old and New Testament together as one.

Finally reason becomes a partner with faith, instead of an obstacle.

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                                             JW Farquhar 


Quotations - The Creation of Man

A critical need for understanding Genesis I depends on knowing who each spiritual entity of evening, morning, and day is. They must connect to the rest of the Bible. Otherwise they don't need to be there.

God' introductory name of evening, morning, and day MUST be 3-way to create the 3-way body-soul-spirit image of man in the Creation.

You seek the face of God in the beginning creation, where God introduced Himself three-ways in time as evening, morning, and day, in order to differentiate His eternal characteristics from other gods of men in the world.

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