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Daniel's Secret

Daniel's Secret - The Creations Secret

Have you lost the sense of wonder when you open the cover of the Bible?  Have you ever given the numbers in the Bible more than just a passing glance? Perhaps you have never seen the Face of God on the face of the Bible’s beginning front page like the prophet Daniel did. 

This book reveals Daniel’s Secret; the Creation's Secret—God’s image and likeness.  Here is an amazing perspective of the beginning with a more complete understanding of the path to God through Jesus Christ that is IN and WITH the image and likeness of God. 


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Consider the following questions:

Do you know who or what the image and likeness of God is? 

Has it ever occurred to you why there were evenings and mornings with the days of the Creation?

Did you ever wonder how six days in the Creation came to be?

Did you ever think about what evening appearing before morning for each Creation day means?

Do you know when the Creation's Controversy between scientists and Bible fundamentalists will end?

Have you ever considered the whereabouts of Jesus or the Holy Spirit in the Creation?

Did you ever wonder which kind of evening and morning could exist on the first day of the Creation without the sun, since the sun was placed in the sky on the fourth day?

In “Daniel’s Secret” Thomas did not have an answer for these questions.  Find out why Thomas is a candidate for the “imperfect salvation” and the following epitaph:


       Here lies a man who went out of the world without

 knowing how or why he came into it.


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Overcome this epitaph with the Perfect Salvation


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