Bible Mathematics from The Genesis 1 Window
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The Genesis I Window




The Genesis I Window 

Has the Bible in its entirety puzzled you, as it has for scholars over millennia? Has the numerous Bible stories appeared too fantastic to be taken seriously at face value? Have you skepticism over the translations you read, knowing that the truth usually lies deeply in the original language? Have you ever wondered why your church doesnít bother to require the original language when preaching the Bible?

The reason is in the Bible itself. The prophet Daniel was instructed to keep the vision secret, and that the truth concerning the Bible would only be revealed at the right time. For the first time in the history of mankind the conditions for the revelation of Biblical truths, hidden for two thousand years, is now upon us.

The contributions over that time by thousands of scholars have been substantial, but have been based upon false premises. It was Godís Will that they diligently labored in vain. But, with their help and the conditions of our time, we can perceive the grand design of the Creator through the illuminations that are contained in this book. Written on July 7, 2007, that is, 777, this text is indeed what all Christians and Jews have patiently waited for. As a result, the new day has dawned upon mankind.

The art of divine equivocation is one of the major keys to unlocking the mandatory revelations contained throughout the Bible. Misunderstood for thousands of years, the study of the numbers contained in the Sacred Text has degenerated into fanciful forms of numerology, which only required belief in the integrity of the proponent to make such efforts believable. Noble efforts to be sure, but the time has come to understand Godís Way with Godís numbers in a combination of vision, reason, and study.

Divine equivocation is Godís hidden math. For in Godís Wisdom the number 18 is fully equivalent to the number 72. The genealogies and ages of important Biblical personages have the deepest significances and must be understood through this new methodology. Without the discovery of divine equivocation, no man could possibly unravel the Gordian Knot in what God has encapsulated His Truth. 

A complete understanding of Jewish holy days, Jewish symbols, the distinction of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God from the Gospel of Grace, determined in the word order within the texts, the deepest understanding of Genesis 1, are all keys to understanding Godís Will for mankind. These are all included in this text, as well as so much more.

Every genuine believer in God, whether Christian or Jew, needs to study and ponder this wonderful message about the true meaning of Godís Word, fully presentable for the first time, according to His Will.

May God bless all those who attempt to come to His Word with an open mind, through the keys He has provided for them, that the fullness of His Word in the fullness of time may be their delight and enable them to praise the Lord to the fullest extent.

  This Forward by Scott gru Bell

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