Bible Mathematics from The Genesis 1 Window
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The Genesis I Window 

REVIEW   (Posted 9/7/2008)

A must read for any serious Bible reader, this book presents stark insights into issues that have baffled Bible scholars and scientists for centuries. I have always wondered about many hazy doctrines of Christianity that have appeared arbitrarily supported by Scripture. By contrast, this book explains Biblical concepts clearly. I have never understood the disputing creation stories in Genesis, despite many unsatisfying explanations by theologians in the past. The exegesis of the creation stories in this book appears to be the only one which makes sense. I have never considered the importance of Old Testament numbers until now. Unlike the words that many times are mistranslated, simply because of the differences in various languages, the Biblical NUMBERS remain the same, regardless of the Bible edition used. The purity of these numbers is a vital key to enlightenment. A valid way of understanding the connections among the various references to Biblical numbers is a critical and necessary skill for anyone who wishes to speak about Biblical truths. It is amazing how God's numbers, including ages and dates, reveal hidden meaning. 

After reading this book I finally have encountered a valid theory of knowing not only what the number 666 means, but also who has been stamped with the Mark of the Beast.

Mr. Farquhar applies an interesting method of critical thinking to the Bible and responds with an illuminating and challenging thesis, that, although unorthodox, is academically sound and worthy of serious consideration. The author displays an enormous amount of researched material to support his claims. Of greatest interest to me has been a clear explanation of the difference between the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Grace and their unfortunate mixing, issues that have caused countless divisions in Christian thought, leading to massacres of millions. Those with a more fundamentalist view are hereby challenged to refute the essence of Mr. Farquhar's brilliant work, even down to the smallest jot and tittle.

This book purports to bust myths and misunderstandings in contemporary religion. It proposes truths that no one else has uncovered. The Genesis I Window is an indispensable read. Unlike other Bible Codes, which tend to analyze, thereby separating concepts, this book synthesizes, thereby pulling together the various ideas into a comprehensive understanding of the Bible. It is a must read for any Christian, whether theologian or layman.

Scott gru-Bell
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